Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Vote on All Things That You Have Seen Done Two Ways...Both Seemingly Correct...At the Time!

I was busy reading all those humorous emails that people send me. I don't know why, but for some reason, today was an extremely big day for those. As I was chuckling about some of these, one of them reminded me that you can always see both sides of the coin as being correct on any particular day.

Let's take a tally of your amusing both side stories. Here's sort of has 3 sides:

Your child wakes up with a cold. He doesn't seem that bad to you. You figure that he can't afford to miss school. You know that he will drive you crazy if he stays home. He will watch too much television for your likings...or he will be on the computer chatting too long for your comfort level....or he will be playing too many computer games. SO YOU SEND HIM TO SCHOOL without ever worrying about who he will make sick.

Your student walks into your classroom sneezing his head off. He is obviously sick...perhaps not very...but ...You know that you will catch know that the other kids will catch know that everyone is going to end up sick and the parents of the other students will be mad at you if you don't send the sick student home. You think that his parents are awful and don't care about him. You are unmarried and cannot imagine how insensitive a parent can be to send a sick student to school.

You used to be a teacher, before you had kids, and your child wakes up with a cold. He doesn't seem that bad to you...etc, etc, etc.