Friday, September 19, 2008

My Baby is Getting Married

It's been ages since I have been on here. My baby is getting married Oct 4th. Well, she's not really a baby anymore...She's in her thirties. I will post pictures after the wedding. I have been busy worrying...something I have always, sadly, done my whole life. I know that all will turn out fine!

I do want to show you some of my current finds in my stores. Take a look at the widgets on the bottom of the page! I will be showing you "stuff" from ; ; and .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fabulous Fall Fun

I have been working at getting my inventory out of my storage and into your hands. I have added a few new venues for selling my "stuff".

As you know, I currently sell on Ebay at: This store contains over 1000 items, including collectibles, vintage, designer fabric samples, estate finds, etc. I have also been selling on Etsy at: , where I sell Trade Only Designer Fabric Samples.

Since, I am an Antiques and Collectibles Dealer, in one of my many lives, I have opened 2 more stores on Etsy. One is at which will contain Collectibles and Vintage. I have an inventory of over 10,000 items, so requests are always welcome. At the moment, this Etsy store contains a small fraction of what I have.

Then, I opened This will contain all the odds and ends that I have collected from Estates over the past 13 years...that are either damaged, missing parts, weird, or simply don't know what they are. Most of these items are so interesting, that I am hoping that some of you artisans can make use of them. I think that they would be great for altered art, collages, assemblages, scrapbooking, etc. I can't wait to see what you can do with them.

AND, I do want photos....please! I will be happy to post any appropriate photos of items made with my "stuff" and links to your "stuff". Just send all info to me!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

LOOK WHAT My Vintage Threads DID!!!! OMG!

Look what My Vintage Threads did with my Designer Fabric Samples!!! OMG, they are beautiful. You have a can buy some of my samples and create a one of a kind masterpiece, like Alisa. OR, you can buy some of Alisa's creations. You can get there by using her link in my list of links on the side. Please tell her I sent you!!!

Yes, Yes...I Really Do Have Hundreds of Discontinued Designer Fabric Samples!

Okay, so now everyone wants to see the discontinued, Designer Fabric Samples that are NOT on any of my Internet selling sites. Well, okay! I will add some here. I have even coordinated a group. I have also added a group of the same pattern in different colors. Any of these pieces can be bought separately. You can buy them privately through an email, or I am more than happy to put them into either of my Internet Stores...where you are under no obligation to buy anything, until you push that BUY Button! I prefer using Paypal as my payment method, so it is really EASY to purchase items from me any of the ways. But, first take a look see and see if I already have what you want in my stores:

See It Now in My eBay Store, Shefindsthings at Nostalgia!

See It Now in My Etsy Store, FabricSamples!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Do You Want to have Different, Unique Fabric Crafted Items?

Want your fabric craft items to be different from the rest of the guys? Do you want to "stand out in the crowd"? And you only need a small piece! No need to spend big money for that expensive but wonderful designer upholstery or drapery fabric that you need to buy by the yard. Buy discontinued, trade only designer fabric samples instead, from me, to make your items UNIQUE. I have stores on Ebay as well as Etsy. Just go to


And I am happy to offer discounts for 4 or more pieces, as well as discounted and combined shipping.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yes, I Do Sell Vintage Collectibles on EBay!

Yes, I do sell vintage collectibles on Ebay! I started out as a Vintage Collectibles and Antique Dealer in Vermont, under the name Nostalgia. Then I went on Ebay and called myself Shefindsthings at Nostalgia. I started this business because, like so many other dealers, I needed to empty my parents home. Over time, I decided that I really enjoyed old children's items. I then specialized in children's items and loved it. I especially like children's books...I have them all...the boy and girl series (i.e. Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Dana Girls, etc.)...some with dustjackets, some 1st editions, most in excellent condition...something I really pride myself in.

But, as you are probably aware, nostalgic collectibles are non necessary items and people seem to be thinking thrice before purchasing and spending their monies that way. So, kind of by accident, I was offered these glorious trade only, Designer Fabric Samples. And my business got a NEW life...sort of like a cat. And, I do love the fabrics! Not only am I again making some money, but I get to play with, feel, coordinate and offer suggestions to people. I love dealing with people and this works so well! I have decided that I was "supposed to be a salesperson" in this life...but I hadn't exactly gone that path. But, now, that's what I like the best. I "enable" people to BUY!

Hope you have a happy day! Comments are always welcome and so are DEALS! After all, I am a "salesperson"!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


AND, in case you like to look at Vintage Nostalgic Items, I also keep booths at an Antique Center in Quechee, Vermont, called Quechee Gorge Village. I am DEALER 34. I do NOT carry fabrics, but I DO carry all the items from your childhood that people now collect. These are all vintage items from 1930 thru 1960. I have dolls and their accessories, dollhouse furniture, gumball charms, novelties, crackerjack prizes, paper things, children's books (which I adore and am known for), vanity and perfume items, dishes, glassware, pottery, some linens, hankies, cereal premiums, giveaways, pinback buttons, etc. etc. The list is actually extremely long! Sadly, the Antique Center that I am in doesn't have an online selling site, so you would just have to go there or request me to take something out and sell it privately...another option. But you can get info about the place at

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hi. My name is Sheila and I love Designer Fabric Samples....but I don't really sew alot! I love to design things...figure out how you can use a piece of fabric. I can picture these pieces in all sorts of beautiful uses....but I am not capable of creating them. SO, I sell these trade only, designer fabric samples on Ebay. I have an Ebay store. If you mention this blog, shipping will be FREE.

Buy It Now in My eBay Store, Shefindsthings at Nostalgia!

I have met all sorts of wonderful craftspeople who love my samples. And I am happy to provide them with fabric that would be well over $100/yard, for a small percent, for that small piece that they actually want and need. I have textile artists, handbag artisans, collage and altered art people, pillow makers, quilters, etc. The list goes on and on. I have sold to people all around the world. I have customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Canada and all over the United States.
AND requests are always welcome, for I love the hunt. I have a huge inventory of these samples that are not on Ebay and can be bought privately as well. But take a look on Ebay, so you can see assorted examples of what I sell!
And NOW, I have just added another venue for selling my Designer Fabric Samples! I have opened a store on Etsy. The items in my Etsy store are DIFFERENT. Etsy services craft artisans, all in one place! I figured that these creative people would have some use for my fabric samples, so I opened a store. You can get there by using my link:

Check out My Store, FabricSamples!