Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yes, I Do Sell Vintage Collectibles on EBay!

Yes, I do sell vintage collectibles on Ebay! I started out as a Vintage Collectibles and Antique Dealer in Vermont, under the name Nostalgia. Then I went on Ebay and called myself Shefindsthings at Nostalgia. I started this business because, like so many other dealers, I needed to empty my parents home. Over time, I decided that I really enjoyed old children's items. I then specialized in children's items and loved it. I especially like children's books...I have them all...the boy and girl series (i.e. Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Dana Girls, etc.)...some with dustjackets, some 1st editions, most in excellent condition...something I really pride myself in.

But, as you are probably aware, nostalgic collectibles are non necessary items and people seem to be thinking thrice before purchasing and spending their monies that way. So, kind of by accident, I was offered these glorious trade only, Designer Fabric Samples. And my business got a NEW life...sort of like a cat. And, I do love the fabrics! Not only am I again making some money, but I get to play with, feel, coordinate and offer suggestions to people. I love dealing with people and this works so well! I have decided that I was "supposed to be a salesperson" in this life...but I hadn't exactly gone that path. But, now, that's what I like the best. I "enable" people to BUY!

Hope you have a happy day! Comments are always welcome and so are DEALS! After all, I am a "salesperson"!!

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