Monday, May 12, 2008


Hi. My name is Sheila and I love Designer Fabric Samples....but I don't really sew alot! I love to design things...figure out how you can use a piece of fabric. I can picture these pieces in all sorts of beautiful uses....but I am not capable of creating them. SO, I sell these trade only, designer fabric samples on Ebay. I have an Ebay store. If you mention this blog, shipping will be FREE.

Buy It Now in My eBay Store, Shefindsthings at Nostalgia!

I have met all sorts of wonderful craftspeople who love my samples. And I am happy to provide them with fabric that would be well over $100/yard, for a small percent, for that small piece that they actually want and need. I have textile artists, handbag artisans, collage and altered art people, pillow makers, quilters, etc. The list goes on and on. I have sold to people all around the world. I have customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Canada and all over the United States.
AND requests are always welcome, for I love the hunt. I have a huge inventory of these samples that are not on Ebay and can be bought privately as well. But take a look on Ebay, so you can see assorted examples of what I sell!
And NOW, I have just added another venue for selling my Designer Fabric Samples! I have opened a store on Etsy. The items in my Etsy store are DIFFERENT. Etsy services craft artisans, all in one place! I figured that these creative people would have some use for my fabric samples, so I opened a store. You can get there by using my link:

Check out My Store, FabricSamples!

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