Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes, Yes...I Really Do Have Hundreds of Discontinued Designer Fabric Samples!

Okay, so now everyone wants to see the discontinued, Designer Fabric Samples that are NOT on any of my Internet selling sites. Well, okay! I will add some here. I have even coordinated a group. I have also added a group of the same pattern in different colors. Any of these pieces can be bought separately. You can buy them privately through an email, or I am more than happy to put them into either of my Internet Stores...where you are under no obligation to buy anything, until you push that BUY Button! I prefer using Paypal as my payment method, so it is really EASY to purchase items from me any of the ways. But, first take a look see and see if I already have what you want in my stores:

See It Now in My eBay Store, Shefindsthings at Nostalgia!

See It Now in My Etsy Store, FabricSamples!

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