Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forever in Trouble….Gallison the Goose by Sheila Conner

Hi, I'm Gallison...the one on the front left of this photo.

Well, I did it again…All the geese on the pond are screaming, but I can’t find them. I know that the pond is here. I live right next to it. Somehow, Mom and Dad got away from me, along with my brothers and sisters. Or did I get away from them? I found this great place…there are big round rubber things and the smell of human food…but I don’t smell a human. It’s a funny smell…kind of like the smell when we stroll on the black stuff that burns my feet. I can’t find my way out to the regular grass place. Oops, I just walked into a wall or something. Oh my God….I smell a human coming. OMG, OMG…I’ve got to run, run, run. Bang…the wall again? Bang…another wall? OMG….now I’m screaming and the other geese are screaming and the human is making weird noises. The human keeps saying “come out…go home”…something like that. I’m so scared. Bang…an edge of a wall? Ooh, I look and see the green grass that tastes so good. Run….Bang…ouch…the stone wall got in my way. I have got to be more careful. OMG, here comes another human. I run and run and finally see the pond. I run into the pond and run to my parents….BUT OMG…these “parents” are screaming and hissing at me. They’re not my Mom and Dad. I’m crying. The humans are screaming. I smell a cat. The humans are screaming at the cat. The cat turns around. I can hear my parents screaming for me, but I don’t know where they are. I’m swimming and crying. The humans are crying. The humans go away…that’s good! I’m not allowed to be near the humans yet. I try to come out of the pond, but it’s harder when you’re crying. I finally get out of the pond. I can’t hear my parents anymore. The other two geese are yelling at me, but they come out of the pond, too! Now they keep pushing me towards the woods…it’s scary in the woods. They say that my parents and brothers and sisters are in the woods and that they are looking for me. But the grass looks so nice, that I stop to eat and play. These silly geese keep pecking at me and telling me that I am in big trouble. I think that I will find my parents later. It’s safe now…right? Later, I’ll take my brothers and sisters for a fun adventure!

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