Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving is a Big Pain in the Tush

I wrote this months ago and never got around to publishing it because I have been so very busy! The internal renovation is now 99% complete. We are now working on the landscaping!

So I have finally moved but the house is still under renovation! It's been slow to get all the boxes unpacked. We have the domino affect in progress. So many things depend on so many other things! It's like a puzzle. I can't unpack the living room until the painting is done. I can't unpack the dining room until the living room is done. I can't unpack the bathrooms until the 2 renovated bathrooms are done. I have unpacked things in the kitchen that really belong in the dining room and foyer. I have unpacked things in the den that really belong in the mud room. I have unpacked things in the mud room that really belong in the garage. I can't unpack the garage items because the workmen have their stuff all over it. I can't unpack the storage pod because there's nowhere to put anything! The shed probably contains things that I need in my kitchen!?!?! I have unpacked things into my office storage area that really belong in the attic. I have unpacked things that belong in the child's guestroom that really belong in my office storage area. My office looks like it was hit by a cyclone because I have the boxes in my office that belong in the office storage area.

BUT, the carpenter has finally configured the inside of my new huge closets in the new master bedroom...and they are gorgeous!!!

So, today, I have unpacked 13 wardrobe boxes that were all over the house. I need to unpack 3 more wardrobe boxes and that will be done. Then I need to move the clothing from the guest bedrooms into the master bedroom. Then I can unpack the guest bedroom boxes! And then I need to spend some time organizing my new closets!

I am hoping to have the main linen closet finished this week. Then I can unpack the linens that are still in boxes. I can move the linens that are in my clothing cabinets into the linen novel! Then I can unpack the extra toiletries and medicines into my huge linen closet. Then I can move the toiletries and medicines from the exercise room to a shelf in the linen closet. And when the bathrooms are done, I will be moving the medicines and toiletries again!

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